Jo-Yu Chen, with her inspired pianism and her originality—as a tune-smith and an instrumentalist—is poised to rise above the dozens of very talented young players into the ranks of the elite group of piano trio artists.
- Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

柔らかい浮遊感のあるピアノ・タッチに心が癒される。 一度聴いたら虜になる不思議な魔力を持っている。
- Yasuhiro Fujioka, ジャズ 批評, Japan

Les 25 Meilleurs Disques de L'Année.
- L'Express, France

Les onze compositions personnelles formant cet album, le troisième, affirment une réelle inventivité….Une approche lunaire du clavier qui surprend pour finalement exercer la plus irrésistible des fascinations.
- Jean-Pierre Jackson, L'Express, France

Aventureux album…"Stranger" dessine en effet les contours d'un jazz conjuguant avec bonheur des influences très classiques, un zeste d'exotisme, et les improvisation les plus gonflées. 
- Philippe Blanchet, Rolling Stone, France

Toucher irréprochable….qu'elle entretient des relations privilegiees avec sa section rhythmique (entre elle et son batteur, c'est quasiment télépathique. 
- Jazzman, France

Souverän reiht sich Chen in die Riege junger Jazzpianisten ein, die weltweit die Grenzen zwischen klassischer Ausbildungsherkunft, regionalen Folklorismen und den Spielformen aktueller Musik aufheben.
- Josef Engels, Jazz thing, Germany

Jo-Yu Chen Stranger, 4 stars.
- Franz XA Zipperer, Jazzthetik, Germany

Il tocco di Chen e sicuro, bruno, ricco di cromatismi e di influenze diverse, compresa la classica contemporanea piu ardita (Fragments).
- Alceste Ayroldi, Musica Jazz, Italy

Da er det tydeligere at hun er velutdannet komponist. Hun klarer å lage originale smittende melodier i et melankolsk, litt mørkt sound. Som pianist er Chen både sikker, leken og temperamentsfull. Og ikke så redd for å bryte med det vakre med små og store utbrudd.
- Per Risnes, Dagens Nageringsliv, Norway

son jeu fait confiance au silence, se soucie de profondeur. 
- Michel Barbey, Le Temps, Switzerland

2014 년 주목해야할, 재즈 피아니스트! 조유첸! 5 stars. 
- Mnet, Korea

- 董鴻鈞, HiFi Monthly, Taiwan

若玗以低調極簡的演奏風格, 優秀的創作才華行走國際. 而且越見從容。
- 吳子嬰, Macao Daily News, China

音樂風格充滿都會女子的憂傷及勇敢, 從即興中尋回音樂人的精神。
- 林采韻, China Times




Jo-Yu Chen’s fourth trio album “Savage Beauty,” featuring special guest saxophonist Mark Turner, has been released on March 15, 2019 by Sony Music. She is the first Taiwanese jazz artist signed to a major record label, and has also joined the distinguished international roster of Steinway Artists. 


The title composition "Savage Beauty" was in memory of the British avant-garde fashion designer Alexander McQueen. “Musically, I’ve always wanted to express myself as delicate, dramatic, and playful but ultra-powerful. McQueen mixed strength and fragility to create a picture of an empowered woman warrior who is ultra-feminine yet powerful. I found myself deeply resonating with McQueen’s aesthetic approach and the dark romanticism of his style. I also respect how he challenged the market by staying true to himself as an artist in such a commercial and consumer lead fashion industry. “, says Chen. 


As an artist who pursues creativity and breaks the boundaries, Chen, along with this new album "Savage Beauty" release, starts exposing on various media platforms in Chinese speaking regions. Her new album “Savage Beauty” has been featured on Vogue and GQ fashion magazines and in addition, she is now in collaboration with one of the most luxurious supercars brand, McLaren.


British supercar McLaren has had continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the car technology. Wildness may be found in its elegance which matches the concept of Chen’s new album “Savage Beauty” perfectly. She combines the exquisiteness in classical music with uninhibited character of jazz to accomplish her uniqueness. Chen, similarly, matches the same spirit of McLaren. McLaren was born by the race track. It has obtained various success on the race track, later committed to a new field of cars production and continuously insists on pursuing perfection. 


McLaren’s supercar 570S Spider will also be exhibited in Chen’s concert at Opera House in Taiwan on May 23, 2019.  McLaren Taiwan will also attend to celebrate and support the new star in jazz music. Together they will bloom glamorously in their uniqueness and charm. 


A native of Taiwan, New York-based pianist and composer Jo-Yu Chen began her formal musical training on piano at the age of five. Later, at the age of nine she also began studying the oboe. Despite picking up a new instrument, she always remained deeply committed to the piano. After moving to New York City to study oboe and piano at the prestigious Juilliard School, she discovered a diverse musical scene thriving in the heart of the city and decided to take the leap from classical music to jazz. 

This adventure began when Chen enrolled in the New School to study Jazz for two years. During that time, she studied with some of today's great jazz piano masters, including Jason Moran, Sam Yahel, and Kevin Hays. While there, her talent was quickly recognized. 


Chen has been featured in jazz magazines internationally. Her previous Album "Stranger" was voted "25 best albums of the year" in French weekly magazine "L'Express". 

She received rave reviews in Downbeat, Jazziz, All About Jazz, Jazz Inside in the US and also appeared in Japanese magazines, such as "Jazz Japan" (formerly Swing Journal) as "Star of the Month", and Jazz Critique (ジャズ批評) with a 3-pages in-depth interview. Others include center fold publication in the Norwegian newspaper "Dagbladet" , Macao Daily News (China), Rolling Stone (France), Jazzman (France), JAZZTHETIK (Germany), Jazz thing (Germany), Mnet (Korea), MusicaJazz (Italia), All About Jazz Italia, Jazzflits (Netherlands), Dagens Næringsliv (Norway), Le Temps (Switzerland), China Times News (Taiwan), and Muzik (Taiwan).

Along successful release of her albums, she went on to perform at the National Concert Hall (Taipei), Opera House (Taichung), Blue Note (New York), Blue Note (Beijing), Steinway Hall (New York), Bærum Kulturhus (Norway), Muri (Switzerland) and many more. Her performances generated great buzz in the press and were well-received by the audience.  

陳若玗(Jo-Yu Chen)出生於台灣,目前旅居紐約,是台灣有史以來唯一一位爵士鋼琴家列入史坦威名人堂,成為史坦威國際藝術家及大華人地區第一位簽約國際唱片公司的爵士鋼琴家。她自五歲起接受古典音樂的正式訓練,九歲開始學習雙簧管,之後前往紐約深造,在茱莉亞音樂學院主修雙簧管及鋼琴,並同時接觸了紐約多元豐富的音樂面向,而且深受啟發,2005年取得Columbia University哥倫比亞大學音樂教育博士學位之後,她決定從古典領域投入一心嚮往的爵士樂壇。


這趟冒險之旅始於2007年春天,陳若玗進入紐約著名的新學院大學(The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music)主修爵士鋼琴,在校兩年中師事多位爵士大師,包括傑森‧摩倫(Jason Moran)、山姆‧亞黑(Sam Yahel)、凱文‧黑斯(Kevin Hays)。陳若玗傑出的音樂天賦很快便獲得賞識。鋼琴鬼才山姆‧亞黑讚揚她說:「提到若玗的天份及對音樂的熱情投入,我必須說她是我見過最具天賦也最有抱負的樂手之一。擁有古典樂手的獨特背景,加上創意不絕的不懈熱情,使她成為同輩當中罕見的優秀樂手。她的音樂天賦讓她以令人難以置信的速度快速前進!」此外,爵士鋼琴巨匠傑森‧摩倫也同樣高度讚譽:「陳若玗,爵士樂界的一顆新星!她從深厚的古典樂基礎當中獲得啟發,尋求用各種新穎的方式去融合古典與爵士。我相信她將會持續展現多層次的音樂才華,在未來肯定無可限量」!




2010年對陳若玗來說是成果豐碩的一年,七月時入選為國際史坦威鋼琴的史坦威國際藝術家 (Steinway Artist)。2011年,她更登上爵士權威雜誌「DownBeat」三月號的人物專訪,文章標題為〈鋼琴家陳若玗從古典到爵士的音樂轉化〉(Pianist Chen’s Jazz Focus Sparks Musical Transformation)。她的原創作品《Tears》亦收錄於「Jazziz」雜誌春季號的唱片合輯中,雜誌對專輯評論:「專輯中的音樂既成熟又具原創性。陳若玗在原創作品《Tears》中展現複雜的情感及心理,並非單純僅僅是抒發情愁」。


2011年,陳若玗與台灣索尼音樂(Sony Music Taiwan)簽立專屬藝人合約,成為首位與國際唱片大廠簽約的台灣爵士音樂家。她在2009年獨立發行的首張三重奏專輯「意亂情迷」(Obsession),重新由索尼音樂在2011年五月推出全新設計與加收曲目的版本,她在索尼旗下的第二張專輯《殘缺的靈魂》則於2011年九月發行。專輯《殘缺的靈魂》得到歐美日媒體高度肯定, 包括當上日本最具權威爵士雜誌Jazz Japan(前Swing Journal)的每月之星(New Star of the Month)。歷經兩年多的沈澱及自我探索,陳若玗在2014年國 際發行第三張全新創作專輯《陌生人》。


睽違樂壇五年,2019年3月陳若玗再推出第四張個人作品《野蠻的美麗》,用音樂剝開其外冷內熱的內心世界,身處在紐約看似繁華的大都會裡,似有距離武裝的都會女性,卸下盔甲下的另一面向。專輯概念緣起於音樂家參觀已故的英國鬼才設計師Alexander McQueen 於紐約大都會博物館「野蠻之美」紀念展,創作曲風冷冽神秘充滿性感魅力,力邀曾為UNIQLO拍攝廣告片的當今最具影響力的薩克斯風大師之一馬克透納Mark Turner精彩演繹多首作品。亞洲巡迴台灣站於5/23(四)臺中國家歌劇院-中劇院、5/28(二)誠品表演廳近距離與樂迷碰面。


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